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We’re big, but it’s just the beginning.

When we launched Rakuten Marketplace in 1997, we were just six people crammed around a table in a small Tokyo office, fueled on instant ramen and the excitement that comes of knowing we were doing something truly revolutionary.

Today we still value that sense of youthful enthusiasm—the idea that anything’s possible if you have the guts and will to make it happen.

This spirit of adventure is one of the hallmarks of working at Rakuten. We were among the first e-commerce companies to use a B2B2C model, to combine shopping and travel, to incorporate a points program, and to combine retail and finance.

These breakthroughs are the direct result of empowering people to think not just outside the box, but outside the galaxy!

In our Project Six initiative, we celebrate our roots by gathering teams of six people to collaborate with Mickey on special projects. It’s a way to unlock new ideas and gain insight from the CEO himself.

Smart Pay

Rakuten Smartpay is a fast, low-cost card payment solution for merchants launched in December of 2012. Smart Pay was a start-up project that emerged from the needs of small to medium sized businesses that previously had limited credit card acceptance.


Rakuma enables people to buy and sell “flea market” items online. It was developed and launched in Japan in just three months—we move fast when we’re inspired!—but is incredibly popular and is garnering worldwide interest.


Rakubin! is a GPS app delivery service that connects people in central Tokyo with goods in a little as 20 minutes. Party in the park? Click for a case. Suddenly decide to pop the question in the restaurant? Here’s flowers on call.

Viki Pass

With Viki, people all over the world can discover, watch and subtitle movies and primetime TV shows. In just three months in 2016, Rakuten’s diverse taskforce revamped the entire subscription model to create Viki Pass: an exclusive, ad-free access to the very latest HD content. Viki is now streaming to more people than ever before!

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Joined :
Rakuten in April 2011
Current Role :
International Card Business Development
From :
  • 2011

    Coming to Japan

    "I was really exited to join the Rakuten credit card business. It was growing fast, and I wanted to experience Japanese business culture. Plus I was fascinated by the diversity and working environment at Rakuten."

  • 2012

    Moving fast

    “Because the business was expanding globally so quickly, our business culture evolved to become more global – almost on a daily basis! It really felt like being in a fast-moving, fast-changing company."

  • 2013

    Going global

    “I was invited to join the overseas business development team, to bring our credit card business to Taiwan. There I was involved in a huge variety of tasks, both front- and back-office, such as business and operation planning, legal, compliance and marketing."

  • 2015

    Focus on FinTech

    “After the successful launch in Taiwan, I moved to the global team of Rakuten finance business, seeking FinTech opportunities around the world. This is an exciting, dynamic team. I get to witness and experience the huge opportunities in the FinTech industry. It’s a fantastic time to be in this business!"


Joined :
Rakuten in April 2010
Current Role :
Vice Section Manager for the Mobile Ecosystem Section
From :
  • 2010

    New launch

    ”Joining Rakuten was a lucky break for me. I could see that this was going to be an exciting opportunity. We launched a fun and engaging photo sharing and printing service which quickly became popular with our users in Japan."

  • 2011

    Global teams

    “I transferred to the Rakuten Marketplace team where I got my first taste of working in a large global development project with diverse teams of engineers around the world. I was able to take on more leadership responsibilities, while still remaining hands-on with the code which was important for me."

  • 2013

    Moving to mobile

    “Eventually I had the opportunity to help set up a new department to focus on mobile development. Luckily my boss was a great mentor and gave me a lot of support. It has been one of the most challenging and rewarding times in my entire career!"

  • 2016

    Looking forward

    “I’m now part of a global team of engineers and product specialists working on our new mobile ecosystem. This is just another exciting chapter in my life at Rakuten—I hope to have many more.”


Joined :
Rakuten in April 2012
Current Role :
HR Manager, Rakuten USA
From :
  • 2012

    Power up

    ”I wanted to join a company that empowered people and was expanding across the world. Rakuten was the perfect company to give me that experience."

  • 2015

    Coming to America

    “I moved to San Francisco, California to support the Americas region. One of my primary responsibilities is supporting the Chief HR officer.”

  • 2016

    Building a family

    “Today I serve as a business partner with each of our American businesses, Ebates, Slice, Viki and Rakuten Marketing, implementing HR strategies and sharing best practices across companies within the Rakuten USA family."

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"Rakuten’s culture of continuous learning and improvement really resonates with me."

Want to work on large-scale platforms? No sweat. Improve existing businesses? You can do that as well.



Business planning & strategy

"I told Mickey, our CEO, that I wanted to start my own project. He said “Great! We’ll find the best opportunity for you.”

I learned leadership in Rakuten by owning a product and having full responsibility over it.



PR & Communications

"There are tons of opportunities to develop your career and take on more responsibilities."

This is very much a “Get things done” culture.



Explore development opportunities.

Learning is a fundamental part of the Rakuten ethos. We never stop growing as people, and pushing ourselves as professionals.

As a global company, we’re able to take advantage of global opportunities. Rakuten’s diverse portfolio means our skills can be matched to a wide range of industries and disciplines.

Long-stay transfers to overseas offices enable us to learn new methods and enrich our cultural understanding. We can then bring back these findings home and implement them as best practices.

We are all part of a winning team. Every Rakuten employee has the chance to grow in an environment that positively encourages personal success. Award ceremonies and dinners recognize both individual and team effort.


Yearn to learn? Borrow books from our digital libraries and learn about anything from tech topics to personal growth.


Explore our offices on short or long term assignments, from our global HQ in Tokyo to Luxembourg, Singapore, or New York.


Join tech talks, mobile summits, and study sessions where the latest technology trends are discussed. You can be a speaker too!


Engage with strong teams. Together we climb mountains, create new products, and challenge each other to be better.


Learn a new language, interact and share your culture from over 70+ countries.

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